Does your recruitment comply with the GDPR?

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What does this mean for candidates applying for your job offers?

It will be finished with the personal data of the candidates exchanged in their backs.
Candidates must have a say in what happens to their data!

Here are the candidates’ rights to which the recruiters will have to answer, as indicated in the GDPR.

1. Right of access by the data subject: Candidates can ask to be informed about what you are going to do with their data or even to request a registration of their personal data that you collect.

2. Right of Correction: Candidates may ask you to correct or update their data in your candidate database.

3. Right of cancellation (“right to be forgotten”): Candidates may ask you to delete their data from your candidate database.

4. Right to Restriction of Treatment: Applicants may ask you to suspend their data from being processed in your candidate database.

5. Right to portability of data: Candidates may ask you to export all their data from your candidate database.

6. Right of objection: Candidates may ask you to stop processing their data indefinitely.

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