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How To Create a Job

Learn how to create a job from scratch in our application. Get to know all fields you can add to a job page.

How To Manage Candidates

Learn how to edit your settings and what you can control in your dashboard.

How To Configure My Settings

Learn how to create a job from scratch in our application. Get understanding of all fields and how they impact your final landing page.

How To Track Activity

Learn how to add comments, files to a respective candidate. See how our activity logs work in a way that you can better track your recruitment activity.

How To Manage Spontaneous Applications

Learn how to activate your Spontaneous Application module and where you can see the candidates that applied via that way.

How To Manage Emails Templates

Learn how to edit your default email templates sent to candidates, create new ones and the variables you can apply to them.

How To Add & Manage Users

Learn how to add user, know what roles are available and how to limit their permission per job.

How To Promote Jobs

Learn how to promote your jobs to different social networks, job boards and to your website.

How To Create and
Manage Job Templates

Learn how to create and manage your Job Templates.

How To Manage Job

Learn how to manage a job. Access a specific dashboard, Talent management tool, view log activities, analytics (views, applies, sources).

How To Integrate Jobs In Your Website

Learn how to integrate jobs into your website directly from the application. See how you can customize its colors and content.

How To Leverage Your Analytics

Learn how to access advanced analytics and make better hiring decision.

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