Talentsquare Pitched at the Web Summit 2015

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The Web Summit has grown into one of the largest technology conferences in the world. The 2015 event in Dublin features over 42,000 attendees from 134 countries, including 2,100 startup companies representing 17 industries.

Among the 2,100 startups Talentsquare had been one of the 200 startups selected to participate to the PITCH contest. Talentsquare was very pleased and honoured to be one of the participants.

This was a great opportunity to present our Vision and how we are turning it into reality. The room was very crowded, no seats were left, showing the great interest Talentsquare generates among its audience. Timoté Geimer, CEO of Talentsquare, received great feedbacks on its presentation from both investors and attendees.

Through this pitch experience Talentsquare had been able to evaluate how the would react to its announcement du move forward into the HR Semantic and the development of sourcing tools. As a result, Talentsquare observed positive reactions. The fact that the ATS will soon be able to match automatically a candidate to a job offer arouse the curiosity which definitely reassure Talentsquare.

Talentsquare received plenty of votes on Twitter and was one of the top listed startup generating a large Twitter traffic. We really wanted to thank each of you voting for us. A big thank you for your support!!


Unfortunately, Talentsquare missed the selection for the second round shortly. Nevertheless, the experience was rewarding and enriching as it allowed Talentsquare to raise awareness, to catch the interest from various stakeholders and explore new ways of development.

We really want to congrats the winner of our pool competition Connecterra. Connecterra is a product Dairy Activity Monitor which can analyze real-time data of cattle such as movement, location and animal health. As a matter of facts, detection and prediction and advanced insights are provided by a device agnostic.

This amazing experience motivated Talentsquare to be part of further pitch contest. Talentsquare also want to thank the Betech and Startups.be communities for their encouragement and their support not only during the pitch contest but also all along the Web Summit experience.