Talentsquare in Retrospective – A Year of Growth

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In order to prepare ourselves mentally for the new extra kilos we will put on this holiday season and shake off the guilt-trip, we thought we should review all the amazing happenings of this year that make them feel well-deserved.

Our exciting baby is growing fast, its user experience is becoming a reference in the ATS market thanks to substantial improvement and an action-packed team, and its future looks brighter than our Christmas tree which is already pretty sparkly. Our renewed website is fresh and friendly, our team increased and we met a lot of different perspective-changing leaders and experts that guided us and our users into a new technologically improved candidate experience world.

For those of you who like numbers as much as we do, here is the magic result of this year:

+500 companies signed up for Talentsquare

+25000 talents are currently using Talentsquare

+25000 unique visitors to the Talentsquare blog

95% satisfaction rate on customer support *via zendesk

New paying customers

Our new happy paying customers count Partena, Knauf Insulation, Minds&More and our renewed happy current customer count GDF SUEZ and Barco which make us a very happy recruiting software this year.

Our 2014 Highlights

Recognized as a new HR player

In an exploration of top applicant tracking systems, social networks and mobile apps, The Undercover Recruiter rated and recommended us as the #1 ATS, improving candidate experience, going beyond the essentials and redefining job posting. We therefore promise to keep up the good work and rise to the expectations of our customers.

Most read blog post

6 Reasons To Do An Internship While Studying

Our awesome website hit 7000 unique visits to our 6 Reasons to do an internship while studying blog post, which comes to the rescue of all our student friends trying to start their careers in this extremely confusing job market that we live in.

Also, cheers to us for the accomplishment of turning a usually boring and scary domain into something interesting and funny. It’s much harder than it looks.

Web Summit

Hugo and Timoté at the Web Summit

We were selected to attend the 2014 Web Summit as a BETA startup which confirms our exciting growth phase, and which led to a completely different perspective on the new startup scene and some pretty fun times in Dublin. You can check our takeaways from the event right here and Hugo’s and Timote’s digital excitement grins to the left.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Down to more serious business, our colleagues Quentin, Quentin and Amanda took one for the team and got soaking wet in the Ice Bucket Challenge leading us to donate to the ALS Association and Water.org. You can see their happy water-loving expressions below:


And of course, our major realization this year was, as usual, managing to have fun while creating an incredible product and seeing it grow before our eyes. It has been a hell of a ride for all of us here at Talentsquare.

In that spirit, see you next year and enjoy your mothers’ cooking!