Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want – Step 5 – Managing Your Moments of Truth


Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want – Step 5 – Managing Your Moments of Truth

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Congratulations, you are progressing extremely well in your expedition! After understanding yourself and defining your destination, you have been able to convince your target employer to invite you for a get-together to review your application. A job interview is one of those ‘Moments of Truth’ for you and provides a unique opportunity to create the best possible impression of your profile.

Kudos to you: Your CV and motivation letter were relevant and compelling enough to be selected for a job interview. You should flatter yourself: time is precious these days and it’s a very good sign that your target employer wants to make time to see you. However, keep a realistic perspective: your target employer has probably ranked you amongst several ‘best candidates’ and will use the upcoming interview to select the ‘most suitable one’, so stay on the tip of your toes and remain focused and alert. You’re not there yet!

Some Employers use telephone interviews. It’s not as rich as a live interview, but a commonly used alternative which requires just as much preparation.

So prepare yourself – stop doing what you were doing 15 minutes prior to the call and choose a relaxed environment where you will not be disturbed. Make sure your desk is clean and avoid all possible distractions. Make sure you have pen & paper ready.

Read the job posting once again, just to frame yourself and to remind you of how they positioned the job. Start focusing on your strengths, on the reasons why you want this job, on the things you found out when you researched the company or position. Think about your most compelling arguments to prove you are a great fit. Think about the questions you have for them. This mental preparation should allow you to feel prepared, focused and positive about the upcoming conversation.

Keep your focus during the conversation. Listen carefully, make notes and make sure you respond to every question. Repeat what you heard when necessary to check for understanding. Speak clearly and as normal as possible, use the same style as you would use during a live interview.

Live interviews require pretty much the same approach. However there are a couple of additional attention points here. It is paramount to make sure you wear the proper attire and you are well groomed. Details matter here: a nice suit while wearing old shoes is devastating for your total picture… Also, make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early and bring a copy of your CV and motivation letter.

Body language is important during the interview. Be focused but relaxed, be open and gentle but sufficiently assertive, smile enough but only when appropriate…. As you can see, the magic is in the details. Don’t overthink all of this and try to remain true to who and how you are. Be ‘in the moment’ as much as you can, engage in the conversation.

When you feel stressed, then remind yourself about the situation you are in: it’s only a conversation, and you have absolutely nothing to lose!

If necessary, breathe slowly to ease your anxiety, and focus on specific body parts (e.g. your breathing pattern) to find your calm back. Remember that you are well prepared, and remind yourself that you have little control over the process and outcome – all you can do is give it your best shot!

We wish you all the best. May you land the job of your dreams!

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