Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want – Step 4 – Standing Out From The Crowd


Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want – Step 4 – Standing Out From The Crowd

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Our expedition is progressing well! By following the previous step, you have carefully selected a position you are truly interested in and you have prepared all the convincing arguments that you might use in your interaction with this employer. Let’s start interacting then: it’s time to send in your application!

Remember, by sending in your application, you start playing a game. A game with winners and losers. A game that requires you to stand out: you need to make sure your application is more relevant than the others because most probably employers with have the luxury of choosing the applicants they find most suitable.

Your application consists of three basic elements: your CV, your motivation letter and your online presence.

Let’s start with your CV. A CV is a business document, a fact sheet. It needs to be:

• Complete – make sure all important information is there. Don’t leave gaps in your timeline, avoid that recruiters have to guess.

• Correct – never ever lie about facts. Don’t bend the truth, don’t cover up mishaps. Sooner rather than later, this will work against you.

• Credible – add supporting evidence to your claims. Provide the recruiter with copies of diplomas or add reference feedback where possible.

• Compelling – start with recent info, keep it short, triple check spelling, use active words. Be formal in language and layout – help recruiters to get the picture as easily as possible.

Talentsquare provides a best practice template to produce a top-notch CV. Try it out now!

Next to your CV, you need to send in a motivation letter. In this letter you should provide the recruiter with your strongest arguments to demonstrate that you have the best fit for the open position. Try to demonstrate that you understand the job requirements by highlighting your relevant experience, accentuating your specific skills or promoting your relevant competencies. Keep it relatively short (max 2 or 3 paragraphs), and try to provide poignant information. Your arguments should jump of the page!

The letter is just one way of showing motivation. You can further demonstrate your strong interests by connecting with the organization you are interested in. Engage where possible in online discussions or corporate events; try to get noticed in a positive way.

Sending in your CV and motivation letter are formal steps in the application process. It’s your best shot at painting the most beautiful picture of who you are and why you are the one. However we live in an online word. It’s very easy for recruiters to find additional information from or about you online. Your online trail creates a persona recruiters will look at, whether you like it or not. So think before you post stuff online, and manage the privacy and visibility settings of your social accounts carefully.

In our next step, we will provide you with meaningful insights on how to manage your moment of truth: the job interview!

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