Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want – Step 1 – Understanding Yourself


Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want – Step 1 – Understanding Yourself

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Finding a job, not just any job but The Job You Really Want, is like undertaking an expedition. It takes careful preparation and planning through a series of phases. Let’s start with Step # 1: Understanding Yourself.

Finding a job is about matching you to a position. The best ‘fit’ should get the job, whereby recruits can apply all their skills and competencies in areas they care about, and recruiters get optimal input & output from their new hires.

In order to be able to do this matching, you have to make sure you understand your true self, your ‘essence’. What are your strengths, pitfalls or values? What gives you energy? Insight in these drivers will help you to evaluate job opportunities more selectively.

Your strengths are your essential drivers. Ideal jobs play on our strengths and allow you to do what you do best. Think about your strengths and spend enough time understanding in which areas you achieved most before, what you were recognized for, what you like to do most, where you were most comfortable in or what you have learned fastest. Sometimes you might take certain things for granted, things that you find obvious and easy. Well, maybe they are not obvious and easy for others. Find those things and focus on them as much as you can and you will be most successful.

We all have weaknesses and pitfalls. The trick is to recognize and contain them so they don’t hold you back. Not knowing them might be a recurring source of frustration in your career, both for yourself as well as for your employer.  Think about things you prefer to avoid or do not like to do. Think about areas you are insecure about or need help in. Think about the things you have received negative comments about. Spot them and recognize them. You will be successful if you can keep focusing on your strengths while making sure you aren’t held back by your own pitfalls.

Values are personal preferences. They are personal drivers, traits and qualities that you consider worthwhile and represent your highest priorities. Try to be in touch with your values by thinking about the things that you find meaningful or rewarding. Is it Status? Power? Autonomy? Security? Affiliation? What makes you tick; what gives you joy and purpose? These are tough questions that require some soul searching, but the more in touch you are with these elements, the better your chances will be of ‘fitting’ somewhere.

Finally think about the things that give you energy. When do you feel best? What do you like to do most? What are you most proud about? If time and money didn’t matter, what would you be doing? Try to spot the activities you prefer and would do non-stop if you could. Try to clearly single out these things because they are your essential sources.

Recognising your strengths and values as well as understanding your energy sources and pitfalls should give you a clear image of who you are and what you want. Recognize and embrace this as much as you can, for these are you key insights that should drive you on your expedition to finding the job you want! Proceed now to your next step, as we shift our focus from you to your prospect employment opportunity: Step 2 – Defining Your Destination.

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