Good Bye Humans, Hello Dogs!

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Good bye Humans, hello Dogs !


Dear recruiters, dear talents,

There are moments in the life of a startup when we have to look back at what we achieved and what will come next. We, at Talentsquare, never stop looking at where the market is going and how we can challenge it even more. However, we had recently to face the reality. Despite all what we’ve done to change the rules of the game for SMEs in Europe we believe our passion and expertise would better apply to non-humans.

After long and repeated conversations between our CEO, Timoté Geimer, and his two partners, we have decided to pivot our startup and focus on the revamp of the platform to offer a matchmaking solution for pets. Talentsquare will become Petsquare !


Imagine the power of semantic and the expertise of recruiting applied to the pet market! Imagine yourself looking for the right pet across multiple platforms and review every single pet in a single, dedicated place.

And what’s more: Petsquare will not only facilitate the life of every household eager to grow their family with the right puppy, but this platform will also help breeders looking for specific breeds! It’s a strong tool every breeder will benefit from.

Thanks to Petsquare, people and breeders are just a few clicks away from finding their best new friend.

Of course, this is an important shift, but Timoté, co-founder and CEO of Talentsquare, feels strongly confident about this: “Gladly, I was lucky enough to find Kanaille, my best friend, but I’m sure Petsquare will have made it all easier. Petsquare intends to become the jump-off for everyone who has a feeling it’s time for their family to grow”.




If you think it’s crazy and that people are too different from pets, think about it. People have careers, achievements, skills, competencies, trainings, certifications, skills, competencies, hobbies, etc. Well… Pets have the same: life history, trainings, special abilities, certifications, medical records, skills, favorite toys, hobbies, etc. In the end, what’s so different?

Good bye Humans, hello Dogs ! Petsquare intends to become the jump-off for everyone who has a feeling it’s time for their family to grow. Click To Tweet

Anita and Lola

Anita was raised in the countryside and, as long as she remembers, there always was a dog around. Her mother had a Cardigan Welsh Corgi (the exact same dog that has the Queen Elizabeth). She remembers that fun-loving, cute and adorable pet. It seemed like that dog was always ready for a cuddle and so patient with children.

She remembers her father saying “That dog is a bless. Look at him wagging.”

Then Anita started her own family with John. Anita wanted a dog but her husband was allergic. So they were looking for a specific breed of dogs. A docile, calm and at the same time allergic-free to prevent John from having health issues. John knew searching would be time consuming but he was ready to make an effort. So they start looking and with a lot of patience, they finally find the right match: Lola, a Kerry Blue Terrier!


But it took 6 months! They went to different places near their hometown, asking questions to breeders but never quickly had a match. Silly isn’t it?

Anita shares:

“Adopting a pet is a big step in your life and I’m so glad John was ready. Finally, we found our dream dog Lola, a beautiful Kerry Blue Terrier.  When I come back from work, Lola is waiting for me with her wagging tail. Every time Lola does that, it reconnects with my childhood. Like my father would say: this dog is a bless.”

Michael a passionate breeder

Michael is from a family of horse breeders. His mother held a stable specialized in breed and communicated that passion to Michael. Ever since, Michael has been doing one thing:  raising the best breeds. From American Quarter House, Arabian House & Shetland Poney, Michael became very influential on the horse market. Then two years ago, he became keen on finding a new challenge in his life. He was at that point when you need bold challenges to go on. So he started looking for ideas.

In his head, he aimed for a strong, powerful and docile breed. Michael didn’t want something classical like an American Paint (Luky Luke’s horse) breed. It took him one year to find the best match, a Belgian Draft Horse, a horse developed in the countryside of Belgium, one of the strongest breed totally adapted to agriculture and strong works. He discovered Georges and his stable in Belgium!

Michael flew immediately to Belgium. The two met around a cup of tea under a porch. After sharing to each other their knowledge, Georges interrupted Michael to say: “Do you want to see her?” Michael replied: “Yes I do!”.

That’s how Michael met Alberta, a young, healthy and marvelous Belgian Draft Horse. As Michael recalls: “It was the perfect match. I know it’s a horse but… the first time I looked at her, I felt like she whispered something in my hear like “Hey Michael, let’s do business together. I know it sounds crazy. I love horses!”


With Petsquare, Michael would have been just a few clicks away from Alberta, his new favourite horse.

Imagine how it would have been easy for Anita and Michael to find Lola & Alberta. Petsquare would have made it all easier for both of them.

We do understand that this change in our business might be shocking for most of you but as you all know, it’s important to follow your dream. As Timoté said when he announced the decision to his team; “no matter what we do, it has to come from the heart. I do believe that we can make a significant difference on this growing market and we have to make it. I love animals probably more than anything else, so do my partners. Then let’s rock the pet market!”. All the team responded positively to the decision and has been working hard to deliver the first version of Petsquare before the summer.

If you have any question, please contact us to talk about this. We will soon start sharing essential content giving you tips to learn how carefully select your pets, how you should prepare your house to welcome your new best friend.

Remember, Petsquare mission will be to make it easier for you & breeders to find your new best friend and the perfect match.

Woaf !

Good bye Humans, hello Dogs ! Petsquare intends to become the jump-off for everyone who has a feeling it’s time for their family to grow. Click To Tweet