HR Essentials: 5 Tools Everyone In The Industry Should Use


HR Essentials: 5 Tools Everyone In The Industry Should Use

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It’s time for companies and recruiters to becoming savvier and early adopters when exploring and embracing new HR technology.

To help you manage essential HR tasks, I’ve put together a list of 5 tools that are user-friendly, customer-centric and definitely gaining market share and fans around the world:

1. Outsourced Work


Sometimes the interaction between recruiters and marketers does not work well. Recruiters need marketers to help them out in their recruiting campaigns and finding top talent by providing marketing materials, and marketers genuinely are more interested in developing marketing materials for the company’s core business. Elance is a fantastic alternative to be faster and contracting people for short-term projects who have skills in graphic design and programming.

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2. Task Management


There are a fair amount of task-management software available in the marketing and as a hiring manager or recruiter, it is key to keep track of your own performance and ensuring you are collaborating with your peers. Asana is a great way of doing it, especially due to the way you can create tasks, organize in projects, leave comments and connect with your inbox. Asana is free for up to 5 members.

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3. Social Media Management


As a recruiter your opinion matters to candidates. They will seek to get to know you via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Having a strong social media presence can be a great way of attracting and connecting to potential hires. Buffer is a fantastic tool to help your scheduling of your week (e.g. All your vacancies being promoted in couple of clicks) and also allows you to integrate feeds, making it easier to centralize all your insights & news sources. Buffer can be used for free and upgraded in case you need more services.

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4. Email Tracking


No need to explain much here. Recruiters and hiring managers know how much useful would be to know when candidate are opening emails, where are they clicking and if you can give them a call. Sidekick, by Hubspot, let’s you see who’s opening emails and track prospects, work and close deals. Mostly free, you will pay if you overpass the maximum quota of 200 opened mails per month, or if you want any of the advanced features such as scheduling.

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5. Applicant Tracking System


Most companies around the world use spreadsheets and email as a way to receive, source and screen candidates. The war for talent is getting bigger and bigger, and soon enough candidates might choose to apply for a company instead of the other depending on their perceived candidate experience. Obviously, we believe Talentsquare is a great tool for saving time and guaranteeing a great candidate experience, even allowing candidates to apply for multiple jobs with 1-click. It’s free without any limits, and you only pay if advanced features are required.

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#HRTech is becoming big in different industries and definitely there’s a lot happening. It’s important that HR as a function evolves in companies and that every employee understand that finding great talent is the job of everyone. Screening and finding the optimal hiring process is then the job of specific HR related positions.

Adapting and embracing technology, and trying what works best for your company culture is a great way to start.