How good is your candidate experience?

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Creating a positive candidate experience has become an essential part of attracting and retaining top talent. Furthermore, the better the experience provided to candidates during the hiring process, the more likely an organization can attract the best talent due to word of mouth.

According to a MisteryApplicant Infographic only 5% of candidates rate their candidate experience as excellent, while 46% rate it as poor or very poor. On top of this, only 37% would recommend the company to someone else. Finally, the infographic tells us that 38% of candidates are less likely to buy from or use an organizations’ products or services due to poor candidate experience.

This is extremely important to know since many organizations do not connect their hiring process with their sales and branding results. In order to offer a great candidate experience, there are three actions that have to be kept:

Keep constant communication

Make sure your candidate gets an acknowledge email confirming their application. This immediately gives a good first impression and avoids doubts or concerns from top talent about the delivery of the application. This is extremely important to know in order to create a great candidate experience.

Be social & transparent

If you are present on social networks, do not let candidates without a reply. Engage with them and answer their doubts. When creating job descriptions be specific and let them know who’s in charge and who could clarify questions about the job.

Also be transparent with the timeline of the hiring  as well as with the recruiting process. If candidates know the time that might take to be hired and the steps needed to be hired, then they will be less uncertain and more committed to the application process.

Provide a friendly experience

Candidate happily talk about how great their hiring process was, even if not selected, when the process to fill their application and the way they treated is friendly and smooth. More than uploading a CV and a standard motivation letter, organizations have to evolve and offer that special extra. Helping top talent improving their own CV through a recruiting platform can be one of the solutions.

Top organizations highly consider the experience they offer to candidates and that makes them attractive employers. To build a great employer brand you need to start from somewhere, and definitely the candidate experience is at the core to reach such great outcome.