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Go2NextLevels Visual Marketing Summerschool – Event

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Last week, Quentin Mathoux (@quentinmathoux) and myself left Talentsquare’s office environment for a day of learning. We attended Go2NextLevels’ Visual Marketing summer school, organised by Christelle “HR2.0 unicorn” Letist (@cltst), and Thierry “visual stormtrooper” Croix (@thierrycrx). And here’s how it went.

Go2NextLevels Visual Marketing Summerschool

The event itself was at the Dolce hotel in La Hulpe, Belgium. Easily accessible by car, a bit less for pedestrians like Quentin and I. But a little walk under the rain never killed anyone, and so it is with the sun in our hearts that we cheered each other on the road that lead from the train station to the hotel.

When we arrived, we were quite struck by the beauty of the scenery and the size of all the buildings. We started joking around, hoping that breakfast would be served as we both couldn’t find the time to eat before leaving our respective homes. Lo and behold! There was a quite extensive breakfast buffet, that Christelle and Thierry promptly guided us towards.

With a belly full of pastries and a cup of coffee in our hands, we were ready to start the day.

First half of the day: Visual marketing, tools and targeting

Thierry Croix took care of the first half of the day. He started with an introduction about what Visual Marketing actually is, linked it to social media and digital identity, introduced us to Canva (user-friendly, super easy tool for making visuals), and made us do a few exercises in targeting. The most interesting one needed us to try and sell our product to a Swiss one-legged pirate with a cross-eyed parrot. Laughs in the classroom.

Hereunder, you can read the two mini ads I wrote – bear with me as I’m not a copywriter. One targeted at a young businessman control-freak, the other at the one-legged pirate (guessing which is which should be very easy, unless I didn’t learn anything from what Thierry taught us).

You take your coffee in the morning with 2 sugars. Not 1, not 3. You pick your tie very carefully. You adjust your timing according to peak traffic hours. Why not keep the same level of control in the choice of who works with you? Why delegate such an important task? – Appease the control-freak in you.

Did the last mutiny cost you your remaining leg? Need new mateys that won’t abandon you at the first sight of trouble? Find the best ruffians in the seven seas on Talentsquare.

Second half of the day: Social media how-to, do’s and don’ts

After a lunch break that included some macarons, Christelle Letist took over and taught us about visual-based Social Media. What is out there, which audiences you can reach through them, how to use them properly, etc, while always keeping in mind that those are tactics that always need a proper strategy.

Quentin and I, studious, learning about Instagram:

End of the day

When all was well and done, we stopped by in the hotel lobby to have a drink before parting our ways. Together with the group, we discussed how marketing has changed in the last decade, what we thought about the course, what the building used to be before it became the Dolce, which useful tools we use on a daily basis, and Finding Nemo. All in all, a good, instructive day. Interesting exercises, useful insights, a ton of information, all in a friendly atmosphere. What more can one ask for?