Energy is key

Alain Goudsmet

Energy is key

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Energy is a key differentiator.

Next to your experience, expertise or competencies, recruiters are looking for candidates who are energetic.

IQ is of course an important factor for many jobs, but it’s just an entry level requirement as it is hard to stand out by being smarter.

Employers are typically looking for people who are energetic and energizing as a key differentiator between candidates of similar caliber. Because they know that energy is contagious, and IQ isn’t.

So it’s really important to make sure you can fill your energy and load your batteries in a way that is most meaningful for you.

When you load your batteries, you can show your energy and energize others.

“Energy” has nothing to do we overacting or naïve positivism.

Everyone should have his own way of demonstrating a positive approach and a can-do attitude.

Everybody has his own way of engaging and energizing others.

Focus on things that give you energy, and try to avoid things that cost you energy.

Energy is the key element that drives performance over a long lasting period of time.