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A new pricing strategy

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 What is Talentsquare

Talentsquare offers an innovative and fast hiring platform for startups and fast-growing SMEs from all over the world. The ATS eases the recruitment process from A to Z. It includes creating and promoting job offers, managing candidates, and keeping track of each stage of the recruitment process. Talentsquare focus on a HR semantic approach and a smarter use of data, by allowing users to increase the speed and the accuracy of the hiring. Example user include Partena Professional (BE), Knauf insulation (FR) , Engie Energy (Latine America). Talentsquare’s ATS is being used by 1,000+ companies and 45,000+ Talents over the four continents.

Technology is the DNA of today’s recruitment process

We are strongly convinced that the recruiting world belong to a fast-paced environment. People are changing jobs more frequently and so, selecting and recruiting the right talent require more and more resources from managers and HR team. This is why, technology is the DNA of today’s recruitment process. To support the dependence on an efficient and accurate recruitment process, Talentsquare will soon, provide one of the rare ATS including a Semantic search engine optimizer allowing recruiters to directly access to the right candidates. Startups and fast-growing SMEs need to capitalize on candidates recruiting experience and therefore move from an e-mail centric operating model to a service-centric one where the recruiter could have an immediate and constant access to all relevant candidate details.

We are on a mission to create the most powerful recruiting & sourcing software out there.”
Timoté Geimer, CEO


Talentsquare’s leitmotiv is to always enhance the simplicity and the flexibility of the recruitment at an affordable price.

Also, Talentsquare decided to strengthen its CRM programme and to capitalize on innovation and R&D in order to offer you the best of the ATS. This is why, we are glad to enrich our team with international knowledge on scaling up a SaaS business and we carry on focusing on growing our user base in Europe. We believe that our ATS can be a great help to companies that seek an easy tool for managing their recruiting efforts.  

A new pricing to offer you the best of the ATS

In order to sustain its growth and the scale up of its activities Talentsquare decided to shift from a freemium model to a trial based model as of the 1st of November 2015. The ATS can still be tested for free during a 15 days period. We have defined a price of 50 euros per month which gives access to all the functionalities. In Q1 2016, additional functionalities such as a Matching System based on HR semantic search engine will also be available.

To celebrate the launch of this new pricing model, we’d like to offer to all new subscribers a 30€ euros discount on the first user during 12 months. To enjoy this offer you simply have to enter this coupon code: “welcomepricing”.

We are glad to be the one which escort you in the recruitment process to always enhance your experience through a simple, flexible and accessible ATS.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. As usual we are easily reachable at info@talentsquare.com .  You can also contact us via telephone on +32 2 880 40 86. Our main goal is to remain available for our customers at any time of day. Please find more information about our pricing on https://www.talentsquare.com/pricing/