We are looking for a Dahu !

Dear Dahu! If you read these lines, it means that our job title caught your interest… Great! That’s true, we are looking for a kind of techy unicorn who combines Growth Hacking and inside sales skills. Your role is pretty simple, you will have to do whatever it takes to increase our brand awareness, drive […]

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7 Inbound Recruiting Hacks to Attract Top Talent

  • December 8, 2015
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This article will give you key clues to be part of the most desired companies to work. Every year the Fortune magazine ranks the most attractive companies from candidates point of views. Each year Google or Salesforce are in the top five attracting the best recruits on the market. The common point of these companies? Their brand […]

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How Social & Mobile Recruitment can improve you hiring quality?

Social media and mobile device have been game-changer for recruitment campaigns and recruiters themselves. Recruitment is no longer about dealing with hard CVs and Cover letters but rather about dealing with candidates’ social media profiles. As it has always been, recruitment is about learning as much as possible about a candidate before and during the […]

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