Meditation for Business – Frédéric Hambye

On the HRmeetup mic, Frédéric Hambye presents his vision of well-being within companies. Frédéric speaks about the reasonable distance to relativize stressful situations, agility of mind, clear vision on our own actions, mental representation up to accommodate more easily what suits us and not trying to systematically remove what does not suit us. Meditation serving […]

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HR 2.0 communities and how businesses use them – Jon Ingham

  • April 21, 2015
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At the HRmeetup micro, Jon Ingham, people and organisation development strategist (Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services Ltd), recognised by HR Magazine as the 7th Most Influential UK thinker. He was in Belgium for a conference and accepted to come at their micro to speak about how businesses use social technologies and social approaches to develop their […]

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What do I need right now? – Jeroen Janss on Mindfulness at Work

In this HRmeetup podcast, Jeroen Janss, co-founder of the Brussels Mindfulness Institute, provides us with some feedback on the last hrmeetup event at Cook&Book with as topic “Mindful HR“. In March 2015, the discussion turned around Mindfulness at work. A lot of companies have shown their interest for topics as: Stress, burnout and leadership! Mindfulness can […]

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