This Privacy Policy sets out the rights and obligations of Employers and Referees with respect to CVs submitted to and processed via TalentSquare, operated by Talentsquare. By submitting information to Talentsquare or otherwise using Talentsquare, the Employers and Referees agree to comply with the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy and agree to the processing of their personal data by Talentsquare as set out in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy, together with the Employer Terms of Use or Referee Terms of Use  (as applicable) constitute the agreement between Talentsquare and the Employer or Referee. At Talentsquare, we think your privacy is important! Within our organization Talentsquare, we deal with the personal data collected in a secure and confidential manner. This Privacy Policy describes which personal data we process from you, on which basis we process it and why we process it. Finally, we inform you about the security measures we take to protect your personal data.

1. Definitions

In this Privacy Policy, the following terms have the meanings as set out below:  

2. Data collected by Talentsquare

Through Talentsquare, Talentsquare collects :

Candidate personal data :

Others non-personal data :

  As a data controller, you will need the consent of the applicants to

3. Basic CV

CVs are submitted to Talentsquare by the Applicant, possibly based on a form that was partially pre-filled by the Employer. Following the submission of a CV, Talentsquare will create an Account for the Applicant, or update Applicant’s existing Account, and create or update the Basic CV. In case the CV was partially pre-filled by an Employer, Talentsquare will invite the Applicant to further complete his CV and to upload any relevant supporting documentation (such as certificates), and to confirm the processing of his CV in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Through his Account, an Applicant may at all times access and update his Basic CV. Once submitted to Talentsquare by the Applicant, Talentsquare becomes the “data controller” (as defined by applicable Law) of the CV, and will have the right to process this CV for its own purposes, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
This provision does not apply to Applicants whom the Employer invited to submit their CV to Talentsquare. In this case, Employers act as “data controller”

4. Enriched CV

Upon an Employer’s request, Talentsquare may enrich Basic CVs via: For reasons of objectivity, an Applicant will not be able to fully access his Enriched CV via his Account. The Referee feedback that is used for an Enriched CV shall be made available on a strictly anonymous basis, i.e. the identity of a Referee shall never be disclosed to any Applicant or Employer, although the textual comments made by the Referee may be made visible to Employers Furthermore, the Applicant shall only see partial feedback from the Referees, and always in aggregated form. The feedback provided by Referees shall be considered final, and cannot be changed by the Applicant for reasons of objectivity.

5. Role of Talentsquare and Employers

Applicants should be aware that both Talentsquare and Employers use the CVs for their own purposes and in different contexts, as further described in this section 5. 5.1 Employers Employers can freely access the full content of CVs from Applicants whom they invited to submit their CV to Talentsquare. After payment, Employers can also obtain full access to CVs from other Applicants. Employers may use the CVs via the Talentsquare platform for various purposes, namely: soliciting their employment, comparing CVs by possible use of filtering and sorting mechanism, conducting online direct marketing campaigns by using the tools offered by Talentsquare and enriching Basic CVs (as described in section 4). In this context, Employers act as a “data controller” (as defined by applicable Law) with respect to any CVs they access, use or process in any other way via Talentsquare. Any such processing is performed for the Employer’s own purposes, and the Employers are solely responsible for complying with applicable Law in this regard (including with respect to its obligation to inform Applicants and to provide Applicants with a right to access and rectification). In case an Applicant is of the opinion that an Employer incorrectly uses his CV, the Applicant must contact the Employer. Accordingly, any claim relating to an Employer’s use of a CV must be directed to such Employer. 5.2 Talentsquare Talentsquare has different roles in the context of CVs:  

6. Purpose of the processing

Talentsquare may process CVs, Referee feedback and Employer information for the following purposes: The CV of an Applicant who entered Talentsquare in response to a specific job offer from an Employer using Talentsquare will, however, be automatically visible to that Employer at any time and as long as the Applicant authorizes it. When the CV of a candidate is no longer visible to an employer, the applicant can no longer receive job offers from the same employer but can still receive offers from other employers for whom the CV is still visible. The Applicant must be aware that Talentsquare can not prevent an Employer with access to his CV via Talentsquare, can also (partially) copy this CV into his own HR system. Talentsquare has no control over such use of a resume. While CVs shall not be shared with or disclosed to third parties other than Employers and Referees, Talentsquare may provide third parties with statistical information about the CVs in its database. As the information will be presented in aggregated, statistical form, these third parties will not be able to deduct any personal information about particular Employers, Applicants or Referees. Talentsquare will from time to time use an Applicant’s or an Employer’s email address to send newsletters or other emails with relevant commercial information about Talentsquare, its affiliates or other parties that may be of interest to an Applicant or an Employer. Talentsquare shall never share email addresses with any party other than its own affiliates. Information with regard to ensuring payment for the Talentsquare service may be shared with third party service providers (and their own contractual parties) who will process this data solely to perform payment transaction services; this data could be transferred to countries outside of the European Union to which you consent. Talentsquare shall process the Means of Access solely for the purposes of enabling Applicants and Employers to use Talentsquare.

7. What are the rights of the applicant?

No more personal data exchanged in their backs. Candidates will have a say in what happens to their data.

7.1) Right of access and inspection He has the right to receive free access to his personal data at any time, as well as the use we make of his personal data in accordance with the provisions applicable in the sector.

7.2) Right of improvement, deletion and limitation He is free to share his personal information with Talentsquare and the employers. In addition, he always has the right to correct, supplement or delete his personal data yourself. Thanks to his Talentsquare account, he has access to his personal data recorded about him. He may modify his personal data himself at any time, for example by making changes to his CV;

7.3) Right of opposition He also has the right to oppose the processing of his personal data for serious and legitimate reasons.

7.4) Data transfer right He has the right to obtain his personal data that he has provided us in a structured, standard and machine readable form and / or to transfer them to other responsible parties in accordance with the provisions in force in the sector.

7.5) Right of withdrawal of consent To the extent that the treatment is based on his prior consent, he has the right to withdraw that authorization.

7.6) Automatic decisions and profiling The processing of his personal data does not include any profiling and he will not be subject to automated decisions on our part either.

7.7) Exercising one’s rights He can exercise his rights by sending an e-mail to

7.8) Complaints He has the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy: Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

8. Visibility of an Account

Through his Account, an Applicant can at any time control whether Employers are able to view the content of the CV. The Applicant can choose to make his CV visible (hereinafter referred to as “Visible”) to Employers. This means that interested Employers will be able: The CV of a Candidate who has entered Talentsquare in response to a specific job offer from an Employer using Talentsquare will however be automatically Visible to that employer at any time and for as long as the Talent has decided. When the CV of a candidate is no longer visible to an employer, the applicant can no longer receive job offers from the same employer but can still receive offers from other employers for whom the CV is still visible . The Applicant should be aware that Talentsquare cannot prevent that an Employer who has access to his/her CV through Talentsquare, may also (partially) copy this CV in its own HR system. Talentsquare has no control over such use of a CV.

9. Account deletion

Talentsquare shall store all account data until the Account is deleted in accordance with this section 9. Talentsquare can delete an Account at any time if the CV of an Account is not in accordance with the Applicant Terms of Use. The Applicant can delete himself his Account from Talentsquare. The Account will then be instantely and permanently deleted from Talentsquare and all related employers. However, Talentsquare cannot prevent Employers that previously gained access to the Applicant’s CV, to have stored a (partial) copy of the CV. If an account is not used for a period of six months, Talentsquare will send a reminder every month for 3 months to check if the applicant wishes to keep his account active. If the applicant does not respond after nine months, the applicant’s account will be automatically deactivated. And finally, at the end of the twelfth month, without the plaintiff’s reaction always, this same account will be permanently and automatically removed from Talentsquare and all related employers. This means for the related employers that only the data enriched by the CV will still be visible via the activity log, but all the content of the basic CV will be deleted. If an account is deleted, employers with access to the CV of this account will be notified.

10. Security and confidentiality

We have developed technical and organizational security measures to prevent the destruction, loss, falsification, alteration, unauthorized access or misrepresentation to third parties of personal data collected as well as any other unauthorized processing of these data. 10.1 Technical measures 10.2 Organizational measures     With regard to the different subcontractors with which Talentsquare collaborates, they all comply with the GDPR. If you would like to know the different subcontractors with which Talentsquare works to check compliance with the GDPR, all you have to do is make an explicit request to Talentsquare. Finally, the servers on which the data are stored are located within the European borders.

11. Contact

Referees and Employers also have the right, free of charge, to gain insight into their own personal data being processed by Talentsquare (and, where relevant, to correct any incorrect personal data). Talentsquare shall grant such insight upon receipt of a postal letter at Talentsquare SPRL, Rue du Maustichy 10, 1460 Ittre, Belgium, mentioning all relevant identification details.