Connecting Passionate People With Trending #HRTech

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HRMeetup and Talentsquare are partnering together as a way to help passionate recruiters, talent managers and human resources experts gain knowledge about #HRTech and even access affordable recruiting software

About HRMeetup

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HRMeetup aims to connect passionate people to share in a playful way the future of work thru meetups & podcasts. In real life & on air.

HRMeetup is partnering with Talentsquare as a way to offer more value to its members and ensure that they can access the best standards when it comes to source, screen and hire talents

About Talentsquare

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Talentsquare is a simple, easy-to-use recruiting software. It’s the right platform for companies to manage their vacancies, publish them seamlessly to free and paid job boards, while receiving and screening candidates all in one place.

Talentsquare is partnering with HRMeetup as a way to support fellow recruiters and HR passionate people accessing a much useful recruiting tool.

As a member of HRMeetup, what can I access?

By signing up to Talentsquare via this page, you will have the following features:

  • User Management: Add & manage as many users as you want.
  • Jobs Management: Create, manage and publish as many jobs as you want.
  • Jobs Promotion: Promote vacancies to social networks and free job boards and aggregators such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Neuvoo, Jobijoba, Talentsquare’s public job feed and more.
  • Candidate Management: Review, filter and process as many candidates as you want.
  • Candidate Communications: Add files, comment and email candidates through standardised templates.
  • Analytics: Access analytics (e.g. Where candidates come from? How many applicants per month?).

Special Offer

Members of HRmeetup can claim a 50% discount during 6 months on their first recruiter seat. This equal to a 150€ discount. You can access our pricing list here.

You can claim the advanced features by emailing us after signing up below.


Feel free to ask any question that is not answered below.

Is there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee. The prices you see above are the total amount you will pay.

How does the free model work?

When you sign up, you have full access to all core features of Talentsquare. To access the advanced features, just email us and we will set them up for you.

Can I cancel the advanced features after the two months free trial?

Absolutely. You can cancel them directly on the platform and if you want to just have specific advanced features, we can also set them up for you.

Can I get a demo?

Definitely! Just ask for a demo so that we can arrange a timeslot as soon as possible.

How do you bill?

We offer annual billing. You can pay by credit card online or have the option of invoicing.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. However understand that you would need to export your data or you risk to loose key information.