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We are happy to inform you that we've released a new version of Talentsquare today, with exciting new features, enhancements and fixes galore.

Find out what's new in detail hereunder. We hope you enjoy this newest release!


You can now import candidates

You have now the possibility to import candidates directly into Talentsquare thanks to our Resume Parsing technology (built in collaboration with Textkernel). Now, if you upload a CV into Talentsquare, our software will read it and create a talent profile based on the information provided in the file.

Moreover, we will also send an email to the parsed candidates inviting them to further complete their profile, ensuring you get more detailed information about themselves.

Visit our Knowledge Center to know more about this feature and clarify any doubts. Why way? Get started now! Purchase credits and starting uploading your resume database.


You can now tag candidates & search better

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With the tag system you are now able to better qualify and filter your candidates. By attributing tags you definitely will become even more efficient and take full advantage of our already advanced filtering tool.

We've also enhanced our search engine, and encourage you to benefit from it. Search your candidates by keywords, location and combine multiples filters in order to find the very best talent!

Find more information about the screening process in Talentsquare in our Knowledge Center.


You will now provide a better application experience

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After intensive research and candidate interaction, we have decided to give more flexibility to candidates applying for jobs via Talentsquare. They can now submit their application regardless of how complete they are, giving them more authority of their profile and making it easier for them to apply.

Nevertheless, we still believe that it's our role to give feedback and to guide them through the application process, so we will continue to provide tips and support in order for you to keep having the very best candidates.

The other major difference and impact for you is that you will now be able to see candidates with an incomplete profile, and encourage them to further update their application. Incomplete profiles will be easy to spot, as they'll be displayed in grey (see example).

More enhancements will come for the candidate's application process, all feedback is welcome. For now, we hope this new change will make you happier!


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